Voting Information


Interactive York County Voting Map & Information

This interactive York County Voting Map and Information is for anyone who wants to find out what voting district they live in, where their polling place is located, and even assist with directions.

Hanover Voting Locations (By Ward)

Please note: The Ward 4 Polling Location has changed from Wirt Park Fire Station to Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church, 30 West Chestnut Street, for the November 3rd election.

  • First Ward: Calvary Bible Church, 603 Wilson Avenue
  • Second Ward: Market House, 210 East Chestnut Street
  • Third Ward: Utz Pavilion, 861 Carlisle Street (Eichelberger Street)
  • Fourth Ward: St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, 30 West Chestnut Street
  • Fifth Ward: Wellness Center, 400 York Street changed to St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 127 York Street