Report a utility billing address change

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All employees carry a photo ID (JPG) signed by the Mayor and the Borough Manager.

Emergency Response Plan

View the Emergency Response Plan (PDF) for the Borough of Hanover Municipal Water Department. The Plan includes a drought contingency plan.

Landlords / Agents

Effective July 24, 2019, per Borough Council policy approval, courtesy final readings for tenants relating to all Borough utility services will no longer be performed. Please contact our office for any additional information.

Water Rates

Hanover Borough Water Department Rules & Regulations

Inside Hanover Borough

Take a look at Resolution 1169 (PDF) for information on rules and regulations for service inside of Hanover Borough.

Outside Hanover Borough

Follow PUC regulations:

Pennsylvania Rural Water Association

Visit the Pennsylvania Rural Water Association website to access sourcewater protection downloads and websites.


Water System Facts and Information

Magnitude of Operations: Together, the water and sewer functions of the Borough have a combined annual operating expense budget of $15 million and include 45 full time employees, split at about 60% water and 40% wastewater. The wastewater function, serving 3 municipalities, includes a treatment plant with an average annual capacity of 5.6 million gallons per day (MGD), an average daily flow of 4.4 MGD, 74 miles of collection pipes and 2 pump stations. The water function serves 4 municipalities and includes a water treatment plant with a capacity of 11.0 MGD treatment capacity with an average daily demand of just over 5 MGD.  The distribution system consists of 211 miles of distribution pipes that were installed between 1880 and 2021, 2 elevated storage tanks, a finished water reservoir and booster pump station. The Borough employs a third-party engineer with an annual funding of $300,000 to $350,000 for recurring services and $500,000 to $850,000 for all engineering services. The state and federal governments aggressively regulate public drinking water quality, water conservation, external water rates, and the impact of wastewater on the environment. The Borough of Hanover, through its elected officials, has no greater responsibility. 

Hanover Municipal Works System Overview September 2014

  1. Christopher Roelke

    Director of Water Resources
    Phone: 717-797-5822