Sidewalk Regulations

Section 1801, Article XVIII of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Borough Code states the following:

"Power to Lay Out, Ordain and Establish Sidewalks and to Compel the Construction Thereof. Any borough may lay out, ordain and establish sidewalks, curbs, gutters and surface water drains along any street, and, with the consent of the Secretary of Highways of the Commonwealth, along any State highway, and may, with or without petition, require owners of property abutting on any street or State highway to grade, construct, drain, pave and repave the sidewalk, curb or gutter and keep the same in repair, and in safe and usable condition along such property, at such grades and under such regulations and specifications as Council may prescribe: Provided, That the word "sidewalk" as used in this article, shall mean and include the portion of a street located outside the cartway, and may include paved footway, unpaved grassplot, curb and gutter."