IMPORTANT:    The following Permits are now fully electronic:  

Zoning/Building Permits, Sidewalk/Curb/Driveway Apron Permits, Stormwater Management Permits, Change of Use/Tenant Permits, Transient Retail Permits and Sign Permits

To submit your permit application, please use the iWorQ cloud-based platform by clicking on the link to the right:        iWorQ Cloud-Based Platform (Click on this link to access the permit portal)

If you have technical issues with the electronic forms or need assistance, please contact Lisa Graham-Herrick @ (717) 637-3877 ext. 1015.  Thank you.

More Information & Overview

Web-Based Forms

**IMPORTANT   To submit the following applications:  Zoning/Building Permit; Sidewalk/Curb/Driveway Apron Permit; Stormwater Management Permit; Change of Use/Tenant Permit; Transient Retail Permit and Sign Permit, please use the following link to access the iWorQ Permit Platform:     iWorQ Cloud-Based Platform