The Department of Planning & Engineering (DPE) team is excited to announce that our electronic permitting platform (iWorQ), implemented in July, 2021, now offers an electronic credit card payment option for your permits.  This will allow an applicant to file for and receive permitting all from the comfort of your office or home.  If you are paying in person at the Borough Office, payment specialists can only take CASH or CHECK.   

Permits not paid for and/or picked up within 10 business days of notification of approval are subject to additional fees.  Permits not paid for within 90 days of approval notification WILL BE TURNED OVER TO COLLECTIONS and WILL RESULT IN ADDITIONAL FEES.

The following permit applications are NOW fully electronic:

  • Zoning Permit (land use)
  • Residential Building Permit (any new builds or structural changes/additions)
  • Commercial Building Permit (any new builds or structural changes/additions)
  • Sidewalk/Curb/Apron Permit 
  • Sign Permit (you may need both zoning and building permits for signs)
  • Change of Use and Occupancy Permit
  • Stormwater Management Permit
  • Transient Retail Permit (criminal background checks and copies of photo identification must be mailed or dropped off at the Borough Office, the platform will not allow for these items to be stored electronically).


Any and all Commercial or Residential Building Permit Applications not containing the required information or not properly completed (including the required uploads), WILL BE REJECTED and additional fees will be incurred.  (It is HIGHLY recommended that all Commercial Building Applications be completed and submitted by a design professional).

To submit your permit application, please click on this link (which will take you to our cloud-based platform): iWorQ Cloud-Based Platform 

If you have technical issues with the electronic forms or need assistance, please contact Lisa Graham-Herrick @ (717) 637-3877 ext. 1015.  Thank you.

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