The Department of Planning & Engineering (DPE) team is now using our electronic permitting platform (iWorQ), implemented in July 2021.  A significant upgrade was done in March 2022! The electronic permitting platform has a new look and hopefully be a little more user friendly.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on providing you the best permit processing service possible.  We are also excited to announce that we offer electronic credit card payment options for permits!  This will allow applicants to file for and receive permitting all from the comfort of office or home. 

DPE has implemented the following Permitting Policy to help you understand our process and you are strongly encouraged to review this information BEFORE submitting a permit application.  Please click on the below link to review the policy:

Please click here before submitting any electronic permit applications

The Borough of Hanover uses the iWorQ portal to receive and process electronic permits. To submit a permit application, please click on the below link to access the electronic permitting platform:  

iWorQ Cloud-Based Platform (Click on this link to access the permit portal)

If you have technical issues with the electronic forms or need assistance, please contact Lisa Graham-Herrick at 717.637.3877 ext. 1015.  Thank you.

Important Reminder:

If you are doing (or planning) a Stormwater Management Project, and will disturb 5,000 square feet or more of ground, you will need to obtain the approval of the York County Conservation District.

In addition, any projects impacting 500 square feet or more may require approval by the Borough Department of Planning & Engineering in the form of a Stormwater Management Plan. 

If you are unsure if you will meet either of these criteria, please refer to the Resources Section of the website for more information.  We encourage you to contact the department and ask any questions prior to submitting a Stormwater Management Permit Application (online). This will help to ensure a timely review and approval of your project.