Building Codes 

It is the responsibility of the Borough Code Enforcement to administer the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC) adopted by the Borough of Hanover.  All building code ordinances or portions of ordinances adopted before 1999 including the BOCA Basic Building Code, 1990 Edition" which meet or exceed the requirements of the UCC continue in full force and effect until such time as it fails to meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the UCC.   

The Borough of Hanover is currently contracted with Pennsylvania Municipal Code Alliance (PMCA) as a third party inspection agency for all code disciplines of both non-residential and residential plan review and inspections.  The telephone number at PMCA (717) 496-4996.

Please contact Mr. Chris Miller, BCO CFI ASC at the Borough with general questions concerning Building Codes and Inspections at (717) 637-3877, ext. 1004.

Applications for a Zoning Permits and/or Residential or Commercial Building Permits are to be submitted electronically.

Hanover Borough Code E-360

2024 Miscellaneous Fee Schedule

  1. Christopher Miller

    Chief Code Enforcement Officer/Zoning Officer
    Phone: 717-637-3877 ext 1004
    Additional Phone: 717-797-4201

  2. Lisa Graham-Herrick

    Administrative Assistant to DCE/DPE
    Phone: 717-637-3877 ext. 1015

  3. Dominic DellaVecchio

    Code Enforcement Officer
    Phone: 717-637-3877 ext. 1016

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