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Hanover Borough staff works diligently to provide the structure that allows for business, personal, and community growth. The Borough of Hanover is governed by the Mayor and a ten-member Council elected to four-year terms. The Mayor supervises the Police Department but represents all while possessing few statutory powers. The Borough Code mandates the Mayor to preserve order, enforce ordinances and resolutions, remove public nuisances, exact a faithful performance of the duties assigned to appointed officers, and to perform his/her own assigned duties.

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Richard M'Calister laid out the town of Hanover in 1763 and officially incorporated on March 4, 1815 as The Borough of Hanover, named for the German City of Hannover to honor the British from the House of Hannover.  The citizens celebrated the 150th Anniversary of The Battle of Hanover in 2013.  A town committed to its people, Hanover remains a safe and happy community celebrating the future as well as the past.   Downtown revitalization is a current priority, working with community members and organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce to reconnect with the appeal of the downtown and ignite that hometown character once again.  Hanover Borough was designated an official Keystone Main Street on May 30th, 2014.