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Zoning Board Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Step Two
  3. 3. Borough Use Only
  4. 4. Step Four
  5. 5. Grounds for Hearing
  6. 6. Special Exception
  7. 7. Step Seven
  8. 8. Variance
  9. 9. Expansion or Change of Nonconforming Land Use
  10. 10. Zoning Officer Appeal or Interpretation of Section(s):
  11. 11. Home Occupation
  12. 12. Other
  • Step One

    1. Additional Notes Regarding Zoning Hearings
      It is the Applicant’s responsibility to complete this application and provide all of the required information. Failure to will so result in the application being returned for completion and will delay the scheduling of the hearing date. Applicant should carefully review the Zoning Ordinance for complete information on zoning regulations, zoning hearing procedures, and other pertinent information. Applicant or Applicant’s designated representative must attend the zoning hearing and should attend the Planning Commission meetings held prior to the hearing as well. At the hearing, the Applicant must provide the Zoning Board with “substantial evidence” to allow it to make the findings required by the zoning ordinance. Specific legal standards must be met before the Zoning Board may approve a special exception or variance. Although not required, the Applicant is encouraged to consult with legal counsel regarding those legal standards. Application materials, including plans, sketches, drawings, and photographs, become part of the permanent record and cannot be returned.
    2. Submissions Checklist
    3. Application Completion
    4. Renderings / Elevations
    5. Existing Conditions Photo
    6. Scaled Drawings
    7. Samples